McCain Shows Up on Letterman While Comics Mock Republicans

After standing up David Letterman on September 24, John McCain showed up for his appearance tonight on The Late Show with David Letterman. Just in case, Dave had Keith Olbermann on stand by.

Mr. McCain walked on the stage of the Ed Sullivan Theatre, the site of “The Late Show,” in New York around 5:20 p.m. Eastern. Mr. Letterman immediately asked: “Can you stay?”

“Yes, sir,” Mr. McCain said, and adjusted himself in the chair. He quickly added: “Depends on how bad it gets.”

Then Mr. McCain jokingly said that he asked his son in the Marine Corps to FedEx his flak jacket in preparation for the visit.

Mr. Letterman got right to it: “So what happened?”

Mr. McCain answered: “I screwed up.”

McCain continued to claim both that Sarah Palin is qualified to be president and that Palin was right in her claims that Barack Obama pals around with terrorists:

Mr. Letterman pressed Mr. McCain on Ms. Palin’s preparation for the office of president, and asked whether she was “the woman to lead us through the next 9/11 attack.”

“Absolutely” she is, Mr. McCain said. “She has inspired Americans. That’s the thing we need.”

Mr. Letterman also asked if Ms. Palin had said that Senator Barack Obama “pals around with terrorists.” Mr. McCain started to say he didn’t know, then said “Yes. And he did.”

Dave went on to note John McCain’s association with G. Gordon Liddy.

In a related story, Fox is running a report complaining that the late night comics are skewering the Republicans seven times as often as the Democrats. There is something bizarre in seeing this at Fox’s site, considering how biased and one-sided Fox is with regards to what they claim to be news. News reports, as opposed to the partisan propaganda which comes for Fox, is expected to be “fair and balanced” in fact as opposed to in slogan only. Late night comics are not bound to the same standards of balance as a news organization.

Besides, there is good reason why the comics make fun of the Republican candidates far more often. This post gives two good examples above: John McCain claims that Sarah Palin is qualified to be president when she clearly is not and John McCain continues to repeat the same lies about Ayers when the claims have been thoroughly debunked. The campaign being run by the Republicans is a total joke which is out of touch with reality. McCain and Palin repeatedly say the most absurd and dishonest things and totally ignore all evidence that what they say is untrue. There is simply far more material to mock in the Republican campaign than there is in the Democratic campaign.

Update: Here are some video highlights of McCain’s appearance with Letterman:



  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    video no longer available

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    A replacement video has been added which works, at least at the present. If the take this down, there is now full video available at the show’s official site.

  3. 3
    Stop Smoking says:

    Letterman at his very best!!! Especially in the 2nd half of the McCain interview! Good to see that both -at least somewhat- kept their sense of humor in all of this though.

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