Is Your Part of the Country “Pro-American”?

One of the more serious problems with Republican rule has been the polarization they have brought about. This can be seen in the latest gaffe from Sarah Palin in which she referred to visiting “pro-American” parts of the country. Presumably she sees the rest of the country as being anti-America.  Palin’s explanation is not very satisfying.

There is only one way that I can see which remotely makes any sense to differentiate between pro-American and anti-American parts of the country. This would be based upon support for secession. Therefor Sarah Palin’s close ties to anti-American secessionists only makes her references to pro-American parts of the country sound more absurd.


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    saibe says:

    This is a democracy Sarah, not a regime. It’s essential to question and reason with our government heads. I’m not anti American I love my country, greatest country in the world, and I love it dearly, so I will continue in my quest to uphold democracy thoughtfully and inquisitively.

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    Emma Lee says:

    We are pro-American when we want our country to live up to its ideals of liberty and freedom to differ.

    It is a very sad commentary when politicians challenge the patriotism of their opponents. Obama has been very gracious – and always calls McCain a hero for his military service. Too bad that McCain is reveling in mud. No longer a hero.

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