I Read The News Today, Oh Boy

I might not agree with Sarah Palin on the issues, but I do sympathize with her on this. The Trail reports that to avoid feeling depressed, Palin skimps on reading the news. I’ll ignore her whining that her message is being distorted. This is nonsense and even if this was the case the solution would be to talk to the media rather than to avoid their questions as Palin has been doing.

Beyond this, I sure can understand that Palin would not want to pay much attention to the news which shows how badly the ticket is doing. Sometimes bad news really is depressing and it helps to avoid reading too much of it. I’ve been doing the same lately. Since the market crashed I’ve avoided looking at the specifics of how my investments are doing. Sooner or later I’ll have to look and re-balance, but for now I’m just waiting to see what happens, not wanting to sell after investments have already dropped so much in value.

I’m also reading far less college football news this year than usual with Michigan having its worst team since the 1960’s. While I fear it might take a few years for the market to recover its losses, I’m hopeful that new coach Rich Rodriguez can restore the team in another season or two. Among other problems this year, Michigan lost last year’s quarterback, Chad Henne, due to graduation and the back up, Ryan Mallett, (who I was not all that impressed with anyways when he filled in when Henne was injured) transferred to Arkansas. Michigan is trying to get by with a red shirt freshman transfer (Steven Threet)and a former walk-on (Nick Sheridan). Both lack experience and and both seem to lack the ability of recent great Michigan quarterbacks such as Tom Brady and Brian Griese. Adding a new quarterback and getting the rest of the team accustomed to Rodriguez’s offense scheme should make a tremendous difference.

Come to think of it, there is a real similarity here. Michigan’s football team is doing poorly this year with a pair of quarterbacks who are unable to handle the job. The Republican “team” is failing due to a having pair of candidates who are also not up to the task. The analogy ends here. Michigan already has some commitments for next year which should lead to rapid improvements. Looking at the who the Republicans have lined up, they could be in trouble in national elections for years to come.

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    beingajoe says:

    Scary proposition for a potential leader of our country behind kept from the news. It allows to stay in her imaginary world of lies and deception. By the way, here is a website I found that shares all the Sarah Palin Pictures and supports Barack Obama!

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