Joe the Kool-Aid Drinker

When John McCain first brought up Joe the Plumber during last night’s debate (discussed here) there seemed to be comparisons to Sarah Palin’s more generic references to Joe Six Pack. Now that the media has been covering Joe the Plumber all day, it turns out that rather than being Joe Six Pack he is Joe the Kool-Aid Drinker. He hardly turns out to be a voter who was honestly questioning Obama about his tax plans. Instead he turned out to be just another right winger who drinks the Kool-Aid and is misinformed about the issues by the right wing noise machine.

John McCain didn’t vet Joe the Plumber any better than he vetted Sarah Palin. It turns out that Joe the Plumber isn’t a plumber at all. He doesn’t have a license as a plumber (and he didn’t even work in the Nixon White House). More significantly, Joe is incorrect about the tax implications of Obama’s tax plans and would actually receive a tax cut from Obama, not a tax increase. Joe is actually a registered Republican who voted in the GOP primary. He only thinks he would receive a tax increase under Obama’s plans because he believes all the Republican talking points. As an example of how conservative he is, Joe opposes Social Security, as seen in this video:


At least one good thing can be said about Joe. In one day he has answered far more questions from the press than Sarah Palin has since she was chosen as John McCain’s running mate.

Not that it matters, but his name really isn’t even Joe. His actual name is Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, with Joe being his middle name. While I have not seen any good evidence of this, there’s even claims floating around the internet that Joe is related to Charles Keating.

Basically Joe is not worthy of all the attention he has received today. He is not representative of plumbers. As I pointed out after the debate, the income of most plumbers clearly falls in the range where they come out far better under Obama than McCain tax wise. A comparison of the actual effects of the tax plans can be seen here. The plumber’s union has also endorsed Barack Obama over John McCain. Joe and John McCain are wrong in their claims about Obama’s tax plan with regards to plumbers, and they are wrong when they claim that Obama’s tax plans will harm small businessmen.

Joe is just another uninformed guy who drinks the Republican Kool-Aid. Other than receiving more publicity, he is really no different from the uninformed people wearing tin foil hats who were submitting comments here all last night after the debate calling Obama a socialist and claiming that the debunked smears regarding Ayers and ACORN are true. This is why Liberal Values and so many blogs are moderated. Differences of opinion are one thing, but having one’s own facts which are counter to reality is a different matter. Those commenters who live in an alternate reality divorced from the real facts are not worth listening to, and neither is Joe.

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    JOE THE NON-UNION, UNLISCENED, SCAB PLUMBER gives a bad name for Unionized Journeymen plumbers.

    Using McCain’s 6-Day 10hr shifts Joe could have made in excess of $250,000.00 WITHOUT EVEN OWNING THE BUSINESS!

    You say how? An PRIMARY “A” DIVISION JOURNEYMEN in LOCAL #1 makes $80.26 per hr (including benefits) X 6 days a week 10 hrs a day = $3,210.40 Regular Time + 20 hrs OT @ $120.29 = $2405.80 = $5616.20 x 52= $292,042.40!

    So JOE THE “SCAB” PLUMBER could pay his TAXES and get a new van if he was a PROUD AMERICAN “A” DIVISION JOURNEYMEN in LOCAL #1.

    Don’t believe the numbers? Call the Joint board and check!

    (718) 752-9630 or I can post a link to the wages.


    Vote Union Today = OBAMA 2008!

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