Indepenents Laugh at John McCain

Amy Sullivan reports on a focus group of independents watching the debate last night who wound up laughing at John McCain when he kept repeating mentions of Joe the Plumber along with making a number of funny faces. As I mentioned in my post-debate coverage, factors such as eye movements have been found to correlate with voting behavior.

If it was only facial expressions it might be possible to overlook the pathetic humor in McCain’s debate performance, but he further encouraged laughter with much of what he said. Besides the repeated references to Joe the Plumber, McCain debated much like anticipated in a YouTube video distributed earlier in the day (which I posted here). The video showed a debate between Batman, from the camp 1960’s television series, and The Penguin. John McCain debated remarkably like The Penguin did in the debate.

Update: Mark Ambinder has had a contest to caption the picture I used above. The winner is “Republican nominee John McCain chokes on a ACORN at the third and final presidential debate in Hempstead, New York.”  Several other entries are also posted.

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