Sarah Palin To Appear on SNL

It was inevitable that it would happen. Sarah Palin will be appearing on Saturday Night Live on October 25. Episodes with Tina Fey portraying Palin have brought in the highest ratings of the season for the show (and restored interest in a show which otherwise hasn’t been very funny for years.)  I wonder if Palin will do a skit satirizing 30 Rock.

Saturday Night Live has a rerun tonight, but they are doing three prime time special episodes on Thursday nights. This week’s episode included a satire of the second presidential debate which include a question from one William Murray, better known as Bill Murray back in the days when SNL was really funny.

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    Campbell Dalglish says:

    John McCain cannot look Barak Obama in the eyes because he’s a bomber pilot (NOT fighter pilot) and bomber pilots never look their opponents in the eyes.

    His side kick Sarah does not blink, she draws a blank and winks.

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