Obama Ad on Health Care


Barack Obama has been running more health care ads, including the one above. It is simple but I do like the way he framed the issue. The first time I saw it I thought it might be a pro-McCain ad because it starts out talking about “Government-Run Health Care, Higher Taxes.” This is exactly how McCain would mischaracterize Obama’s position. Next it shows the other extreme, ” Insurance Companies, Without Rules, Denying Coverage.” This would come closer to McCain’s position. The ad then shows Obama’s position as being between the two extremes, placing the plan in the middle.

While a thirty second spot such as this is not able to provide very much information, showing Obama’s plan as in the middle, and distinct from the way McCain describes it, is an important message to get out.

Update: The script of the commercial follows

On health care reform…two extremes.

On one end, government run health care, higher taxes.

On the other, insurance companies without rules denying coverage.

Barack Obama says both extremes are wrong.

His plan:

Keep your employer-paid coverage.

Keep your own doctor.

Take on insurance companies…to bring down costs.

Cover pre-existing conditions, and preventive care.

Common sense for the change we need.

Barack Obama disclaimer.

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