Sarah Palin and Aerial Hunting of Wolves


Sarah Palin continues to be criticized for her support of arial hunting, as described in the above video. I’ve previously posted this ad from The Defenders Action Fund. Humane Society Legislative Action Fund, which has never before endorsed a presidential candidate, has endorsed Obama, citing both Obama’s record on protection of animals and Palin’s record which “is so extreme that she has perhaps done more harm to animals than any other current governor in the United States.”


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    Fritz says:

    I would not call it “hunting”, more like “target practice on animals”, but why is it, by definition or something, horrible to support culling wolves in the Arctic?  And if someone wants to pay the state to do something that would need to be done anyway, well…, why not?

    If we want to have the Arctic ecosystem unregulated, then we have to not have human, or at least industrialized human, interference in the ecosystem.  Remove the native population entirely or remove everything that allows them to expand past the carrying capacity of the harsh environment — rifles, snowmobiles, medicine, canned food, and let starvation and disease keep everything in balance.  If that is considered immoral (and it seems to me that it pretty clearly is), then the number of non-human predators will need to be reduced in order to not wipe out the prey that they and the humans rely on — hence the white guys in planes with guns.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    “but why is it, by definition or something, horrible to support culling wolves in the Arctic?”

    Nobody is saying it is. The objection is to the inhumane methods used.

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    owl says:

    It certainly is the inhumane methods used by unethical “hunters” who enjoy the kill and were previously collecting the bounty she arranged to pay for the left foreleg of each wolf killed. Even the indigenous peoples did not approve of this. Man’s (and woman’s) selfish greed: keep all the ruminants for the humans and the heck with other species. I think it’s called “specieism” and they resent any competition from the wolves. Some biologists  advised against it, but Palin and her crones seem to think they know more than the scientists. There is a glaring lack of good judgement and compassion regarding this issue which has angered many thousands of Americans…NOT just the bunny-huggers…ethical hunters are angry too. In the words of a significant number of Alaskans: “Palin doesn’t speak for me”!

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    Nikki says:

    Remember…//Sarah Palin and Aerial Hunting of Wolves – (via #sociablesite)

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