Obama Video on Keating 5 Scandal Released


Earlier I posted a preview of a documentary from the Obama campaign on the Keating 5 scandal along with some information. The full video is now posted above. The site keatingeconomics.com contains additional information on the scandal and John MCain’s role. Obama is bringing up the Keating 5 scandal in response to McCain’s decision to launch a smear campaign against Obama based upon long-debunked attacks regarding Ayers and Rezko. The decision of McCain to launch these smears is just another step for a campaign which has been dishonest since McCain decided to hire the same people who launched the successful smears against him in 2000.

Marc Ambinder provides an annotated rundown of McCain’s speech today attacking Obama, concluding: “Americans
don’t know that McCain is going to reform broken institutions. They
don’t know that he’s done it before. They don’t know that he’s going to
deliver relief to the middle class. They don’t, en masse, trust McCain
in this area. They trust Obama.” This is ultimately why McCain’s plans to resort to further smears won’t work. Voters are far too concerned about the economy to worry about whether Obama knows a 60’s radical, and this type of attack won’t alter the belief that Obama can better handle the financial crisis than McCain. 

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    Angellight says:

    It’s Over for McCain
    McCain is done. Not only has he lost the current presidential election, he has lost his reputation and with it, his prospects at committee posts in the Senate, his worth to the Republican Party, and his value in a re-election for his current Senate seat. We are watching the writhing and twisting of a wretched beast brought low by his own bestiality, his own animalistic desire to win at any cost, and purely to feed the raging fire of his titanic ego which he has, woefully for him, confused with his true self worth.
    We can certainly be happy that he will no longer inflict his Janus-like faux-maverick mask upon the gulled in the media who, not too long ago, loved having him sit on their couches and genuflect lightly in his erroneously sainted direction.
    We can also rejoice that he has, in setting the match to the conflagration of his own career, also taken down with him a once future light of the GOP, that being Mrs. Palin, idiot beauty queen and witch-hunter who so misunderstands the teachings of her alleged mentor Christ that it would not be wrong to say she is, in fact, an agent of the very devilish functions she alleges to wish to destroy. The fact that McCain is managing to ensure her own career destruction and her return to the secessionist life her husband was carving out with his snowmobile is a blessing on top of a blessing.
    In thirty days, we will all enjoy waving these two wretched creatures into the sunset.
    Until then, GOTV, sign up for phone banking, vote early if you can, and let’s make sure Obama and Biden win by such a stunning majority that Diebold holds its misprogrammed mechanical head in shame.

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