Hillary Campaigning For Obama

USA Today has a report on Hillary Clinton campaigning for Obama:

Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton has raised more than $8 million for former rival Barack Obama’s presidential campaign since July and plans to barnstorm the country for even more cash, as the New York senator works to show she is aggressively helping the candidate who cut short her White House bid.

“I am using every tool that I have to help Democrats win,” Clinton told USA TODAY. She was between fundraising events in Texas and California that brought in another $1.5 million for Obama and congressional candidates on Friday and Saturday.

Later this month, Clinton will headline Obama fundraisers in Chicago, Philadelphia and Little Rock along with 11 events to raise money for Democratic congressional candidates and state parties…

The former first lady said in the interview late Friday that her goal is straightforward: “We have a lot to repair in America, and I believe that Democratic leadership is essential to fixing the damage that we are going to inherit.”

Clinton down plays the idea of her supporters backing McCain:

Clinton rejected the idea of further defections from her camp. “The vast majority of people who voted for me will vote for Sen. Obama,” she said. “They understand that … we desperately need a Democratic administration to take the reins of the economy and turn it around.”

Alexander Heckler, a Fort Lauderdale lawyer who raised more than $100,000 for Clinton, said talk of dissension between the Clinton and Obama fundraising camps is overrated.

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