Big Ten Crucial For Obama Victory

Barack Obama now has a chance to sweep the Big Ten in November, which is significant as this would clinch victory in the electoral college. As John McCain is unlikely to hold on to all the states which George Bush won in 2004 he must pick up some of the states Kerry won. Earlier he was hoping to win in some of the Big Ten states but his chances are dwindling. McCain has already given up on Michigan. His hopes in Minnesota are looking poor with a new poll showing Obama leading 55% to 37%.  Obama increased his lead in another state which McCain had hope to pick up, Pennsylvania, with the latest poll showing him leading 51% to 39%.

While it is increasingly looking like McCain cannot pick up any victories in states won by Kerry in 2004, Obama stands an excellent chance of picking up some red states. Iowa has been strongly for Obama. Obama has moved into a lead in Ohio at 49% to 42%. Even Indiana, the most conservative state in the Big Ten, is now too close to call making a sweep of the Big Ten region possible. Does this mean Obama gets to go to the Rose Bowl as well as the White House?

While the Big Ten states might decide the election, McCain’s weakness in states which belong to other conferences is what makes improvements over Bush in the Big Ten so crucial for McCain. Obama has a shot at picking up wins in Atlantic Coast Conferences states including Virginia, North Carolinia, and Florida. Obama also stands to make some gains in the Big Twelve, incluidng Iowa (which has schools in both the Big Twelve and Big Ten), Colorado, and even one electoral vote in Nebraska.

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