Sarah Palin’s Debate Flow Chart

Aden Nak has exposed Sarah Palin’s debate strategy in the flow chart above. (Click on flow chart for a larger, more readable version.)

Update: The above is presented for its humor, as well as generally being close to how Palin really debated. This does not mean that I go along with the accusations flying around the blogosphere that Palin really did read notes during the debate. Unless there is better evidence than I have seen so far, I will assume that whatever she read during the debate was off of notes taken during the debate, which is allowed under the rules of the debate. Now you can return to either laughing at the above, or to speculating on that lump on George Bush’s back during his debate with John Kerry.


  1. 1
    JerryT says:

    How did Palin get the note cards in?  Is she a slight of hand magician.  They are, after all, prohibited.

    Any chance she, like Biden, she was referring to notes written on the blank note paper?  Biden also obviously made notes and looked down at them from time to time.

    Did you watch this on the split screen, so as to notice notes being made, of C-Span?

  2. 2
    Thomas Jackson says:

    You mean Palin used Clinton’s debating team to instruct her? My God she must be in trouble.

  3. 3
    arpafarp says:

    You say you need better evidence, but if she was writing down notes during the debate then this should be even MORE obvious than the fact she’s just reading something.  Somebody show me the video clip where she’s writing, please.  I really don’t understand why this isn’t being brought up more.

  4. 4
    me says:


    it’s obvious she’s writing down things everytime Biden speaks!  Take a look at the debate..

    I’m not going to look over it again just for you, but you can see it at ~20:00 or ~45:00, for example.

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