McCain: “I’m Not A Rich Man”


Reason 12,445 to vote for Barack Obama (in other words not really something that matters but something I’ll note): I’m rich by Barack Obama’s definition of rich, while not rich by John McCain’s definition, so I’ll vote to be rich. McCain’s definition had already been ridiculous in placing the dividing line in income between middle class and rich at $5 million per year. People previously thought he was joking. Now we learn (video above) that John McCain does not consider himself to be a rich man. Think Progress has more on the context of this statement on Morning Joe:

I think the Dodgers are not to be underestimated given the fact that they’ve got some pretty strong pitching. So I think it’s very possible that both of those teams, both the Dodgers and Red Sox, could surprise everybody. But that shows why I’m not a rich man.

While this is really a serious comment here, added to the previous comment on the definition of rich from McCain it does show he is out of touch with middle class voters. While perhaps these can’t be taken too literally, at very least these must be more significant than attacking John Kerry for wind surfing.

Update: A transcript of a longer portion of the interview is available here.

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