Good Bye From Michigan John

Barack Obama visited Grand Rapids and East Lansing Michigan today but it turns out his trip here to Michigan was unnecessary. The Politico says McCain is pulling out of Michigan. McCain has canceled a plan visit to Plymouth and is stopping his ads in the state. From now on I’ll have to check out the on-line videos instead of finding out what lies McCain is spreading whenever I turn on the television. If things remain this bad for McCain, he might have to send his Michigan campaign workers down to Indiana to hold onto the state.

It is appearing increasingly unlikely that McCain can pick up any of the states which Kerry won in 2004, while Obama has a real chance to pick up several red states. Obama already holds leads in several states which voted for Bush in recent polls, including Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, New Mexico, and Iowa. McCain holds on to very narrow leads in many other red states and will have to increasingly concentrate his resources on holding these states, making it difficult for him to attempt to go after blue states where he thought he might have a chance.

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