AFL-CIO Sends Mailer on McCain’s Health Care Plan


Via Marc Ambinder I find that the AFL-CIO is sending the above mailer criticizing McCain’s plan to more than a million union members in seven states. Now we also need someone to send a mailer to business owners about McCain’s plan to eliminate the tax deductions for health care coverage, and a mailer to non-AFL-CIO employees warning about the consequence if  they lose their group health coverage and have to purchase individual coverage.

This is especially true for people with pre-existing medical conditions who will have trouble obtaining insurance, or obtaining coverage at an affordable price if they can find anyone willing to offer them coverage. McCain claims that high-risk pools will take care of this problem. NPR’s Morning Edition had a report on high-risk pools yesterday, finding that they have not been a successful solution in the states where they are currently used. They cover a limited number of people, are extremely expensive, and have waiting periods before the pre-existing condition which forces people into high-risk pools is covered.

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