Sarah Palin’s Unique Qualifications


Sarah Palin has been mocked as being unprepared to defend this country with her national security knowledge being limited to an ability to see Russia from parts of Alaska. It turns out we have severely underestimated Palin’s qualifications.

Last week I noted how Sarah Palin says her run for governor of Alaska was aided by Pastor Muthee, who has experience in fighting demons. Palin was being far too modest. As the video above demonstrates, Sarah Palin was also blessed to be free from witchcraft.

Now maybe it is a stretch to say Sarah Palin is qualified to be vice president, as a majority of Americans believe. Even people in Alaska believe Joe Biden is more qualified than her despite neither he or Obama having any qualifications to protect us against witchcraft. While perhaps the vice presidency is not the spot for someone who has virtually no knowledge of national or international issues, Palin should definitely be considered for a top spot at the Ministry of Magic.

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