Sarah Palin Believes She Will See Jesus In Her Lifetime

Steve Lopez, reporter for The Los Angeles Times visited Wasilla and found some very scary things. First he spoke with a fan of Sarah Palin, Glenna Edwards:

Edwards said she believes, as does Palin, that creationism ought to be taught in schools along with evolution, and that Barack Obama must be stopped. And Edwards assured me that humans have nothing to do with climate change, a position her pal Sarah used to share but has backed away from in recent weeks, saying that “some of man’s activities” are “potentially causing some of the changes in the climate right now.”

It gets worse when he spoke with someone else who was definitely not a fan:

But not everyone up here is ga-ga over Sarah. Phil Munger, a music teacher and composer who lives on the outskirts of town, told me she’s not the sweet person Glenna Edwards described. As for her image as an anti-corruption crusader, Munger said she’s much more apt to get rid of anyone who crosses her.

Munger, who writes the Progressive Alaska blog, told me Palin is not just a creationist, but a “young Earth” creationist who believes that man and dinosaurs once shared the planet, and that the world will end in her lifetime.

Palin-tology, you might call it.

Munger claims she tried to stock the local school board with creationists several years ago, which caused him to quiz her on her beliefs.

“She doesn’t believe in science, and her father was a science teacher,” Munger said. “She told me she felt she would see Jesus in her lifetime.”

If true, that’s a little scary. But no more so than her view that a woman who’s pregnant because of a rape shouldn’t be allowed to have an abortion, or that the Iraq war is “a task that is from God.” And you have to wonder if Jesus would have sued the federal government to have polar bears removed from the endangered species list.


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    Fritz says:

    What would Jesus think about removing polar bears from the Endangered Species list?  Hmm… The guy was from a herding culture and bears are top predators.  I’m guessing “approve”.

  2. 2
    Political Disgust says:

    Thank goodness this nutcase lost. She was the single biggest reason in my opinion that McCain lost.

    Political Disgust

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