The Pain in Spain Comes Mainly From McCain

We have had John McCain joking about bombing Iran and Sarah Palin taking a light view of going to war with Russia. Now McCain appears ready to turn Spain, a NATO ally, into an enemy.

The controversy began last night with Josh Marshall having several posts about a Spanish-language interview. In the interview it was initially not clear whether McCain knew who Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero was as he appeared to be referring to him in a manner similar to anti-American leaders of countries such as Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba. The Washington Post reports that McCain’s campaign has since clarified the issue, stating that the comments about McCain not wanting to speak with Zapatero were intentional.

It sounds like John McCain would continue the cowboy diplomacy of George Bush which has isolated the United States from much of the world and take it to new extremes. That’s another reason why we cannot risk having John McCain in the White House.

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