Poll Shows People Wary of Increased Government Power

As I mentioned yesterday it is rare that the campaign sound bites and ads deal with the issues I’m most concerned about. Yesterday’s post was on the types of justices John McCain would appoint–which is among the more damaging things which McCain might do. One reason is that McCain would likely appoint conservative justices who would support a further increase in Executive power. While this is a major concern of mine, I wouldn’t expect the candidates to be discussing this difference in a political campaign. Based upon these poll results, maybe Obama should discuss this more.

Obama has discussed the issue of excessive Executive power in some interviews, but it is not a common topic on the campaign trail. His experience in teaching Constitutional law would be valuable in addressing this issue once in office. It appears the public does side with him in curtailing the power which George Bush has grabbed. An Associated Press-National Constitution Center poll of views on the Constitution “found people wary of governmental authority after years of controversy over the Bush administration‘s expansion of executive power, and especially skeptical of increasing the president’s powers.”

When Obama speaks of change he should add this to the list of things he will change.

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