John McCain: From Maverick to Liar

John McCain has been so dishonest during this campaign that journalists are increasingly outright saying he is lying. US News has a column by John A. Ferrell entitled John McCain’s Journey from Maverick to Liar. He concludes:

Is he truly a maverick who, like his self-proclaimed hero, Teddy Roosevelt, will govern as a progressive? Or will he be beholden, as folks like James Dobson and Rush Limbaugh insist, to the conservative base?

So far, the main “maverick” actions that McCain has promised as the next Republican president are to trim nonmilitary Democratic spending and continue the Iraq war. You can’t get more conventional than that.

And even that message has been somewhat undermined by disclosures that Palin was a champion of those costly federal earmark projects she has lobbied for in Alaska—where, you know, you can see Russia.

At this point, McCain has taken the obvious way out—launching a series of distracting attacks on Barack Obama, with slim regard for truth.

The ads have spurred a backlash, the consequences (or lack) of which may well decide the election.

For 18 months, Obama has wagered all his chips on the (quaint? idealistic? brilliant?) idea that the American people are tired of the same old sleazy and divisive politics. McCain has now chosen to bet against him.

And we are the cards.

That is his bet. McCain is betting on the American people to be stupid enough to believe all his lies despite all the evidence he is lying.

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