Palin Under Attack For Treatment of Animals


Sarah Palin is under criticism for what is being described as brutal forms of hunting animals. The Defenders Action Fund has produced the above commercial. Their web site is also critical of John McCain’s environmental record. Pamela Anderson has also criticized Palin, blurting out, “I can’t stand her. She can suck it” while speaking out against abuse of animals.

Pamela Anderson’s criticism of Palin follows Matt Damon’s criticism of McCain’s choice of Palin as being “like a really bad Disney movie.” With her record of cruelty to animals, I cannot help but wonder if this is what these stars are really warning us about:


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    Jerry says:

    Unfortunately, Pam Anderson’s opinion might influence a lot of people the OTHER way.
    Personally, Palin reminds me of a nasel Peggy Hill; always overstating her resume and always blaming others for her mistakes. The difference is that I actually think Peggy would make a much better VP choice, mostly because she’s fictional and so could not physically press that button!

  2. 2
    Russ Johnson says:

    I really can’t stand Palin, but I don’t think Pam Anderson is going to be our strongest argument.  No offense…

  3. 3
    Naturelover says:

    A short story:  Palin is out in the woods going for a kill-a polar bear sees her.  He runs as fast as he can towards her.   Her response-A moose in the headlights-with-lipstick.  Oh My!

     Ok I know its bad but  so is she.

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    GMA says:

    This is extreme in every way! If these facts are indeed true that is, she will never get my vote nor anyone else, that have care and concern about our wildlife!  She is a cruel person!  Why isn’t this video shown on national news???  It should!!!!

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    Joeylo says:

    27:35PMSep 13th 2008 
    With the amount of media misinformation, I realize that this national election is the victim of the metastatic proliferation of propaganda. Unbiased information and public education had once been the historic role of journalists who were trained to report on uncovering real issues without tainting their information with opinions of special interests. In this era, the economics behind television and other forms of mass communication (especially internet corporate servers) has led to journalists writing corporate-slanted information. An honest journalist may well be a rare and dying species worthy of being on the federal endangered species list. For it is this sort of professional who values his or her own conscience over ego, over salary, and over the human viscissitudes of false consciousness. The greatest tragedy is the effects of media dissemblers. Our once great nation, our democracy, our progeny, ourselves become the real victims. And our grandchildren will ask “why grandpa/grandma did you write these things when you knew they were false? Is that the only way you could have earned your living?”

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    Tina Sensing says:

    From what Defenders of Wildlife says, this video will be out as commercial in Ohio and a few other states this week, thank goodness!!  Palin has no compassion…please check out Animal Lovers Against Sarah Palin on Facebook for a closer look at her terrible wildlife record.

  7. 7
    Kim says:

    Only an idiot couldn’t see past this fake commerical – it is a bad attempt to make a great person look bad – get all your facts right before airing something so stupid as all Americans are not complete idiots.

  8. 8
    Ron Chusid says:

    Sorry Kim, the commercial is not a fake. Here’s a press release on it. Variety had a story on it here.

    While the commercial is not a fake, in many ways Palin is. While not all Americans are complete idiots, apparently many are as they back Palin. Fortunately that number has been dropping rapidly.

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