Some Conservative Blogs Still Claim Obama is a Muslim


Many conservative blogs are trying once again to spread around smears that Obama is a Muslim by distorting a segment of the above interview. Fortunately this attack is too over the top for even some conservative blogs, such as Hot Air which opposes use of this smear.

It is unfortunate that there really are people who still believe the smears that Obama is a Muslim (such as in the comments to this post) due to some of the whisper campaigns which segments of the right are engaged in.

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    MsJoanne says:

    It was a ridiculous question to have asked with the desire to have a Gotcha moment. And it worked.

    The response was poorly worded and that one three-word snippet of Obama saying “my Muslim faith” with nothing else added, is going to make the rounds.

    I cringed as I watched TW on Sunday and knew this was going to happen.

    He could have added a little “quote-unquote” thing. 

    Digby had a great take on Palin being unavailable to reporters (sorry, one friendly interview does not count!) in that by Obama and Biden hitting the circuit, it is allowing them to make gaffes which Palin will not, simply by her not being available.

    I think Digby may have had it right.

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