Factcheck Reports: Maverick Misleads

The dishonesty of the McCain/Palin ticket isn’t limited to the dishonest speeches at their convention, as I noted last night and will be writing more on later. Factcheck has repeatedly been releasing reports on the dishonesty of McCain’s ads with today’s report having the title Maverick Misleads. Following is their summary, with more detail in the full post:

McCain’s campaign launched a TV ad touting his running mate, Palin, and offering a comparison to Obama. Some of its claims are off the mark:

  • It says Obama “gave big oil billions in subsidies and giveaways,” citing his votes for a 2005 energy bill. But the bill slightly raised taxes on the oil industry overall.
  • The ad plucked a positive blurb about Palin from an Associated Press article that, in fact, was very much a mixed review. The AP said she “brings an ethical shadow to the [Republican] ticket,” for example.
  • The ad says Obama is the “most liberal” Senator. But the National Journal rated him the 16th most liberal in his first year and the 10th most liberal in his second. It rated his votes “most liberal” only in 2007, when he was busy campaigning and missed one-third of the votes on which the rating is based.
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