What The Choice of Palin Reveals About John McCain

Both the Obama campaign and the McCain have had the opportunity to make a single major decision which demonstrates whether they are ready to govern. While Obama has chosen Joe Biden, who is prepared to take over as president if necessary and who probably knows more about foreign policy than anyone in Washington, McCain has chosen a running mate who is unfit to  be vice president. Joe Klein discusses the what we can learn about McCain by this poor choice:

All this raises again–yet again–the question of whether McCain is temperamentally suited for the presidency. As the conservative David Frum writes:

“Maybe it will work. But maybe (and at least as likely) it will reinforce a theme that I’d be pounding home if I were the Obama campaign: that it’s John McCain for all his white hair who represents the risky choice, while it is Barack Obama who offers cautious, steady, predictable governance.”Indeed, the Palin pick reflects the most dangerous tendencies in McCain’s foriegn policy–the tendency to react, to overreact, to crises, without thinking it through. It also reflects a defiant, adolescent “screw you” attitude toward governance…

Again, this is not to disparage Palin. Her views seem very extreme to me–teaching “intelligent design” in schools?–but she may turn out to be a invigorating public presence, with the ability to learn fast (she’s going to have to do the latter). The problem is, there is absolutely no way on earth that John McCain can know what sort of person she really is, which is why this choice–his first major presidential decision–should be a matter of real concern for all Americans. He has proven himself, yet again, ready on day one–to shoot from the hip.

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    Angellight says:

    The bottom line is McCain is 72 year old and has health problems and could die today or tomorrow! When this sinks in and people start to reflect and consider what a President Palin REALLY means due to her very real lack and inexperience of national and international issues, policies and procedures, and her intellectual capacity or incapacity, people in all good conscience — whether she is good looking or not, whether they like her personally or not — for the safety and welfare of this country, will be unable to and will not vote for McCain. He has made a colossal mistake in judgment.
    Media claim they no nothing of Barack Obama — however, they Really know nothing about Sarah Palin; let the vetting begin since John McCain did not vet her before he picked her! Great Judgment John.

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