Video of Kerry’s Speech


I now have the video for the excellent speech given by John Kerry at the convention last night (with transcript previously posted here.) It turns out that, according to Josh Marshall, Kerry wrote the speech himself.

During the 2004 campaign I sometimes felt that Kerry was being harmed by taking the advice of political advisers who thought they knew how to run a presidential campaign. I recall writing more than once, “Let Kerry be Kerry.” If there is any question as to what Kerry would have sounded like if he was himself, just watch the speech he wrote and imagine him taking on George Bush as he takes on John McCain.

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    battlebob says:

    If Kerry gave a speech lke this in 2004, we would be celebrating his second term.
    He tried to be the consumate statesman.
    When his campaign folded up, he became more aggressive and forceful.

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    Indie Liberal says:

    I see what you both are saying. I was never a fan of the campaign people (i.e. Cahill and Shrum, etc), but it’s still amazing that people still can not see that the media bias was in place. There are Kerry supporters that have had to smackdown the “Where was this man in 2004?” argument over and over and over again. People still aren’t getting it. Kerry was there. He was passionate. He was the same person. Did anyone not watch the debates and rallies?

    Four years later, it still continues to be mind boggling that people are still blaming Kerry instead of the people (i.e. media, McAuliffe, Democrats) that should have had his back while he was left to do a lot all by himself.

    I am glad he is doing for Obama what Dems should have done for him in 04.

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