It Is Still All About The Clintons

Bill Clinton, with his atrocious conduct both during his wife’s campaign (which was also notable for rather atorcious behavior by the candidate) and after (when at least his wife has shown the realization that she has zero future in the party if she doesn’t at least make a show of party unity), appears determined to destroy his legacy. He is not being helped any by Clintonistas who are writing their views today. I already commented on Mark Penn’s article at The Politico. Far worse is an article by Howard Wolfson at The New Republic.

Wolfson’s article is on improving relations with the Clintons, and winds up talking more about Bill than Hillary. A more sensible topic would have been about what Obama should do in order to obtain the support of Clinton voters who are considering voting for McCain over Obama. The opinions of those voters do matter. Bill Clinton’s hurt feelings do not. Obama won, no matter how much some Clinton supporters continue to deny this, and his top priority is to suppoort his own agenda to win the general election, not to use the convention to attempt to restore Bill’s hurt feelings.

Some other reactions:

Ta-Nehisi Coates: “…the idea that people should cater to the amazing smallness of this dude strains good sense. His anger is clearly more important to him than the fate of his country. This is what must have driven Andrew and Hitch insane. Bill Clinton carries this sense of having been perpetually wronged–the game is only fair when he wins. I think what must burn him up the most is (assuming that it’s true that the Obama people pushed the race-baiting angle) that Obama actually Sista Souljahed Clinton, that he took a few minor mis-statements used them to paint Bill as, well, exactly what he was.”

M.J. Rosenberg: “…the Clintons merely lost a nomination fight. Big deal. There are winners and there are losers and until now no nominee has had to suck up to the other side. As we say on Passover, ‘why is this nominee different than any other nominee?'”

David Sirota: As disgusting and disingenuous as this is, it is pretty predictable. The Clintons are doing everything they can to make this convention all about them – and to absolve themselves from the substantive criticism of both Clintonism and Bill Clinton’s behavior on the campaign…No, Bill Clinton was not “painted as a racist” – he was a racist during the campaign…That Clinton’s top surrogates are now saying Obama’s major task is to appease Bill Clinton – rather than, say, win the election – shows just how egomaniacal the Clintons really are.”

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    Jerry says:

    Another of HRC’s incredibly stupid self-serving statements is coming back via McCain.  Remember (to paraphrase): John McCain and I have done blah blah blah… Obama’s made a speech?
    Yeah. Well. HRC and Bill can try to patch the fence, but they’ve already done the damage and McCain’s loose to do even more. I am so tired of the Clintons, I can’t express it properly.

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