It Looks Like Obama-Biden

The speculation that it is Biden has been accelerating tonight, initially reports of who got the calls they would not be it, followed by reports that the Secret Service was dispatched to Biden’s home. Now CNN, The New York Times, and AP are saying the choice of Biden has been confirmed. Marc Ambinder is also going with this.

One of two things is certain. Either Joe Biden will be the vice presidential candidate, or the big story will be about the news services which jumped the gun, similar to the first reports in 2004 that Dick Gephardt was John Kerry’s running mate. Reportedly we will know for sure around 9 a.m. when the text messages are sent out, but it sure looks like Biden.

With Obama not choosing Clinton, I guess this means that John McCain will have to pick Jeb Bush. It is unimaginable that we could have a presidential election without a Clinton or Bush somewhere on the ticket. The downside for McCain, should he pick a former governor such as Bush or Romney, is that there won’t be anyone on the Republican ticket with any knowledge of foreign affairs.