VP Matchups

All the speculation about Obama’s VP choice should come to an end today. Rather than just speculating on who Obama will choose, I was thinking about some potential matchups between the two parties.

I’m certainly hoping that Obama does not pick Hillary Clinton for many reasons. Besides Clinton’s own flaws, I also hope that for the first time since 1976 we can have an election without a Bush or a Clinton on either ticket. This means that there would be one thing worse than Obama picking Clinton. How about Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush for VP?

There has been some talk that the choice which will energize the Democrats the most would be to pick Al Gore. The biggest problem is that I don’t believe Gore would be interested. However if Obama does get Gore to be his running mate, the obvious choice for McCain would then be Joe Lieberman and we could look forwards to a Gore-Lieberman debate.

If looking at former Democratic presidential candidates, I do believe that John Kerry would accept if offered the spot. Then we could wind up with a Massachusetts VP battle between Kerry and Mitt Romney.

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