Veronica Mars Might Return As A Movie

It’s a good thing Obama didn’t announce his VP choice today as there is even bigger news which would have eclipsed it. (Ok, maybe not.) Michael Ausiello reports that a Veronica Mars movie might be made:

The impromptu powwow took place last week in the offices of Thomas’ Hollywood-based production company, which just so happens to be located on the same lot where Bell is shooting Heroes. “Kristen and I ran into each other, and we did discuss a Veronica movie,” confirms Thomas, who says he has also had “a few conversations” with Mars executive producer Joel Silver…

For her part, Bell considers it a “major compliment” that people are still interested in Mars. “[Fans] still ask me all the time if the show’s coming back. Emotionally, I don’t want to think about Veronica Mars every day because it really does make me sad.”

Regarding her recent chat with Thomas about a Mars feature, the star of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, perhaps not wanting to jinx things, flashes a Cheshire cat grin and says, “We’ll see.”

Translation: We’re halfway there to getting this thing greenlit!

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