AP Calls Lieberman a Prick

Why does everyone assume that this assessment of Joe Lieberman in this AP report on vice presidential prospects was a typo? (Hat tip to Crooks and Liars for the screen grab.)

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  1. 1
    battlebob says:

    The right doesn’t trust McCain anyway and is struggling to support him.  They will support him less with Liebermann as the VP pick.

  2. 2
    Jerry says:

    I heard an interesting football analogy (I forget where – that’s the problem with reading as much as I do).  If McCain thinks it’s “third down and a yard”, he’ll pick Pawlenty (safe and probably enough to get the job done).  But if McCain sees it as “fourth and long”, he’ll go with a “Hail Mary” pass to Lieberman.  I, for one, hope that he picks Lieberman if only to give Joe the honor of being the only VP loser on both a Democrat and Republican ticket. I also want to see Biden (I hope) take Lieberman apart in the VP debate. Gosh, I guess I don’t like Lieberman very much. I hadn’t realized…

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