Edwards Used Elizabeth’s Illness To Attempt to Cover Up Affair

The more that comes out about John Edwards, the worse he looks. The editor of The Raleigh News and Observer writes that Edwards pleaded with him not to run a story about his affair when the initial accusations came out last October. He cited his wife’s health as a reason for the newspaper not to publish this in the local paper. The paper had actually already decided against going ahead with the story, but Edwards did not know this.

Edwards was sure playing on the sympathies of the newspaper when he begged them not to print the story due to Elizabeth’s health considering that during his confession he stated that she already knew about the affair.

While the media was initially reluctant to cover the story, the dishonest manner in which Edwards responded seems to have many journalists determined to investigate this further. At the paper’s Editors’ Blog the coverage of the story is discussed further, concluding:

Questions remain about who is the father of Hunter’s baby and whether Edwards knew about payments to Hunter and Young. We’ll continue reporting.

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