More Revelations On Edwards Affair Cast Further Doubt On His Credibility

Yesterday I noted that John Edwards might be making the recent scandal worse by failing to be honest during his confession last Friday, resulting in a continuing stream of stories as further evidence comes out conflicting with Edwards’ account of events. He appears to be continuing the same type of behavior based upon his view that he can get away with anything, despite having been proven wrong on this last week. An interview on Larry King Live last night with David Perel, editor of The National Enquirer, shows that there is more of this story to come out:

KING: How did — by digging into all of this, and the fact that it keeps coming, does that surprise you? You’ve done a lot of stories. Does this one surprise you?

PEREL: This story did surprise me, Larry. It surprised me that John Edwards, who had a reputation as being a very honest and moral man, could stand there before the American public while running for president and just lie so brazenly. I have to admit it shocked me and it shocked the team at the Enquirer.

The truth is there will be more revelations. He was not totally honest during that “Nightline” interview. There is more to the story that’s going to come out in the Enquirer.

KING: Can you give us a hint what’s coming this week?

PEREL: Yes, I can. As a matter of fact, we can tell you that he met three times with Rielle Hunter at the Beverly Hilton this year. that he has been in contact with her since, that she has now been flown out of California by private plane to an undisclosed location. And significantly, on the money trail, that he absolutely knew she was being paid, and she told him that she was being paid, and how much and where it was coming from.

KING: Drew Griffin, what do you make of that?

DREW GRIFFIN, CNN SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS CORRESPONDENT: Very, very interesting. You know, kudos to the Enquirer. They have been on this story from this story from the beginning, Larry. Really, their source has been very deep and knowledgeable of this.

The money angle is what we’re chasing now at CNN. When did she get the money? Is she actually getting cash or is she just getting flown around and being able to stay in houses rent-free? That’s a big question we have. Also, what, if any, of that 114,000 she did get legitimately from the campaign could have been part of something else?

The Swamp has more on the allegations that Edwards’ affair with Rielle Hunter actually began before Hunter was hired by his campaign.

The Trail is impressed with Edwards’ chutzpah as photos reveal that he had taken his mistress with him on his 2006 presidential announcement tour. Multiple photos of Edwards and Rielle Hunter are now being published.

I have long been amazed by how so many liberals have been fooled by a con man such as John Edwards. I could see where many liberal bloggers might have ignored this story until the accusations were proven, despite how guilty Edwards appeared, but it was a different matter when action was taken to cover up the story at an open community such as Daily Kos Lee Stranahan has posted more today on how Kos not only acted to attempt to cover up the story, but how he was 100% wrong.

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