Obama Responds to McCain Celebrity Ad

Obama’s campaign has responded to McCain’s celebrity attack ad with an ad of their own (above). Besides demonstrating that McCain has been far more of a Hollywood celebrity than Obama over the years, it also hits McCain with valid criticism on his policies. After describing the ad, Steve Benen writes:

The spot does a lot in 30 seconds, connecting McCain to Bush, characterizing him as a flip-flopper, hitting McCain’s disconcerting ties to lobbyists, and, of course, putting all of this in the context of “Washington’s biggest celebrity.”

One could probably make the case that the ad has a few too many messages, but overall, I thought it worked just fine, and the mocking tone sounded like the right pitch.

An example of McCain as a celebrity can be seen in this video of his appearance on Saturday Night Live playing the creepy husband:


With all the recent talk of John Edwards’ affair, McCain might not want to have this video shown as it might remind people of what a creepy, cheating husband he really was to his first wife.

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  1. 1
    Jerry says:

    Actually, the video only impressed me. Most people would respond with “Gee that McCain has a great sense of humor!”
    To remind people what he did to his first wife, just TELL them!  Was McCain having an affair with Cindy before the divorce?  I personally wouldn’t go here unless there’s proof.  And it was a long time ago, but with Edwards’ confession fresh in everyone’s mind, it’s not a stretch to tie the two together as the same disgusting behavior.

  2. 2
    Michael says:

    The Ad works, I just wish he could talk about his message without resorting to the same “Celebrity” name-calling as the McCain campaign has…. I guess we aren’t that politically evolved as a Nation where we could actually talk about the issues…


  3. 3
    Ron Chusid says:

    Obama is not resorting to name calling in the way that McCain was. It was McCain who put out two ads with this attack, leaving Obama no choice but to respond. To show that there is a much stronger argument for calling McCain the celebrity is a valid response.

    It was Obama who stuck to the issues when Clinton got dirty. Obama deserves a lot of credit for sticking to the high road in response to Clinton’s campaign. It was also McCain who decided to move the campaign in this direction. Even with this, the main focus of Obama’s campaign remains talking about the issues.

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