Obama Strikes Back


John McCain has made the same mistake Hillary Clinton made in thinking that he can win by simply putting out ads with false claims against Obama. This simply left McCain wide open for a counter-attack as in the ad above.

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    paperback says:

    yep, mccain is now playing dirty. i used to think he was a dignified politician (oxymoron, i know), but now he’s totally raveled up in bush/karl rove-style politics. if you want something bad enough you’ll sell your soul.
    you know, if you want to see obama and mccain duke it out, sans mudslinging, check this out: http://www.opposingviews.com/questions/who-has-the-right-plan-for-america-s-economy
    it’s a moderated debate between both camps. not like the embarrassingly bad twitter debate. this is more fleshed out, substantial.

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