Hush Money Alleged in John Edwards/Rielle Hunter Scandal

There has been plenty of speculation as to why the mainstream media has failed to pay much attention to the Edwards/Rielle Hunter scandal. Most likely it is because, assuming he isn’t chosen as Obama’s running mate, Edwards is now a private citizen without much political significance. The legitimate newspapers see little point in expending resources to check out this story, and they are certainly not going to run with a story with The National Enquirer as their main source, even if the Enquirer has often been correct in previous stories of this nature. The story is also less juicy as there were no crimes committed, the alleged affair was with a woman, and there were no questions of hypocrisy of the nature seen when anti-gay Republicans are caught with a man. A new turn in the story might make the story a little more interesting to the media as now, in addition to sex, there is money involved.

The National Enquirer (and again, the story is limited to a single source, leaving questions as to accuracy) reports:

John Edwards’ mistress, Rielle Hunter – the mother of his “love child” – has been secretly receiv­ing $15,000 a month as part of an elaborate cover-up orchestrated by the former presidential contender.

The money is being funneled to Hunter by a wealthy colleague who was closely tied to the Edwards’ campaign. This same man is also shoveling cash to Edwards’ pal and former aide Andrew Young – who tried to take the heat off the ex-Senator by claiming he is the father of Rielle’s baby.

And The ENQUIRER is also exclusively revealing that Rielle’s baby is a girl named Frances Quinn Hunter and was born at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

“A super-rich pal – who was closely involved with the campaign finances – is helping John. It’s likely this man doesn’t know all the dirty details of John’s extramarital affair, but is acting out of loyalty and is not asking a lot of questions – only writing the checks,” revealed a source very close to the situation.

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  1. 1
    PolticalWorld says:

    Well this certainly explains the sudden way that he dropped out of the race. I figured they had something on him the way he dropped out right before Super Tuesday.

  2. 2
    scott says:

    Uh, yeah he’s a hypocrite. He made his cancer-stricken wife a central part of his campaign and cowardly trotted her out there to defend him on many occassions. He also had about 3,000 pictures taken of him kissing his wife and supporting her through the illness.

    Simply, his wife has cancer, he not only cheated but had a child with another woman “allegedly” and visited her in a Hotel 3,000 miles from his house.

    Hypocrite? Probably. Scumbag? Definitely. Media coverage? Doubtful.

  3. 3
    Robert Lewis says:

    Rielle Hunter of the John Edwards story: The $9,644 judgment and her ex who is also an attorney

  4. 4
    Dee Dee says:

    Shame on you John Edwards!!!
    Shame on you!!!!

  5. 5
    Robert Lewis says:

    Andrew Young of the John Edwards story:    The arrests for worthless checks, DWI, burglary, criminal mischief, the federal tax lien

  6. 6
    Frank Smith says:

    The issue with John Edwards is not the sex scandal. It is the fact that he was running for the Presidential Nomination, made a stupid mistake, covered it up and then lied to his wife and the public. He does not have any morals and does not know the difference between right and wrong. He thinks it is OK to violate the public trust and run for President. It is amazing to me that someone who is intelligent, rich, in politics and places himself under scrutiny does not have enough intuition to realize he was making a career ending move. I guess the TV clip of him making sure his hair was just right or paying a hundred dollars for a haircut identified his true egotistical nature. When someone is full of themselves there is no room for anything else. Let’s all be thankful that did not make the nomination.

  7. 7
    Snoop-Diggity-DANG-Dawg says:

    “Edwards is now a private citizen without much political significance.”

    Neg-a-tory, good buddy.  He was on the short list for a lot of positions besides VP: Attorney General, Health & Human Services, Supreme Court nominee, etc.

    Don’t try to tell me it’s not relevant, Stinky.

    Edwards is in way deeper than he could possibly have imagined.  Each day this train-wreck steams closer & closer to the convention.  And Edwards is such an unbelievable narcissist, placing his (now dead) personal political aspirations above party & country, he’ll drag this out as long as humanly possible.
    I can’t wait! *tee-hee!*

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