Obama Beat McCain In Arizona Fund Raising in June

I certainly don’t think Obama has much of a chance to beat McCain in Arizona, but these fund raising numbers are sure interesting:

Barack Obama quietly raised more money in Arizona last month for his presidential campaign than John McCain did, and the Illinois Democrat dominates the overall fundraising map in 43 states and Washington, D.C., records show.

Obama reported $432,000 in donations from Arizonans in June, compared with McCain’s $313,000, based on an Arizona Republic analysis of Federal Election Commission records. Neither campaign properly codes all contributions with a state, making it impossible to know exactly where all donations came from.

Since last year, McCain, the presumptive GOP nominee, has raised at least $4.7 million from his fellow Arizonans, double what Obama reports from the state. But donations this year are nearly even: McCain’s Arizona donors have given him $2 million. Obama’s Arizona donors have given him just $66,000 less.

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