The National Enquirer vs John Edwards

If, and it is a definite if, this story from The National Enquirer is true, Obama’s list of  potential vice presidential candidates is now a little shorter. The Enquirer claims to have caught Edwards with Rielle Hunter, repeating their claims that she is his mistress and that they have had a child together.

If the claims from The Enquirer are confirmed the jokes that for Edwards Two Americas means two women are bound to put an end to his political career. The story has been picked up by Drudge and the conservative media, but it is too early to say whether the mainstream media will do the same.

At this point it is unclear as to whether this story has any credibility considering the source, but The National Enquirer did break the story regarding Rush Limbaugh’s OxyContin habit, was the first source on some aspects of the O.J. Simpson case, including the photo proving that he did own that pair of Bruno Magli shoes, first revealed that Jesse jackson had an illegitimate child, and published some of the first details of Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. They have also been wrong on a number of stories in the past, making  it difficult to predict the political consequences of this story.

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    Joe says:

    You won’t read about this in the mainstream media or see it on the major nets because they (a) hate the Enquirer for making a profit while they’re all dying on the vine and (b) think they are helping Obama and Edwards and the Democrats by not mentioning it. BUT….If Obama is foolhardy enough to choose Edwards for ANY position in his administration (not just Veep, but as has been speculated, if a deal is in for him to become AG–and lets’ remember the often-stated potential campaign tactic of pre-announcing the cabinet before the election to help add gravitas to Obama on all issues, foreign and domestic) then his opponents WILL make an issue of it that CANNOT be ignored by the mainstream voters OR media. So by “helping” Obama they are actually HURTING him if they tempt him into making this seriously bad choice. We’ll see.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:


    Most likely the mainstream media has been ignoring this more out of a than b. The media loves scandals and has no desire to help Democrats by covering them up. Monica Lewinsky and Donna Rice provide two examples of the willingness of the media to cover such stories.

    I do agree that it does not help the Democrats to try to cover this up if there is any truth to it (as I considered in deciding to go ahead with this post).

  3. 3
    Costas Meghir says:

    The MSM is totally corrupt.  They will have to cover the story eventually because too many people will hear about it from blogs, etc.

  4. 4
    FairFlower says:

    Why is Bill Clinton’s name not in blue as the others you mentioned.  Clintion, was the President and breaking the nations laws as well as spiritual laws by having an affair in the oval office.  Also, Chenney, shot a man in the face and where is your reporting???????

  5. 5
    Ron Chusid says:


    The blue text indicates a link. I didn’t bother to insert a link to the coverage of Clinton’s affair as the facts on that one are very well known and I didn’t think it was necessary. The Cheney story would only be relevant here if it was The National Enquirer which broke the story.

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