Drug Law Insanity

Ed Brayton provides an example of why we need to end the drug war:

We all need to support Charles Lynch, whose trial on drug charges is scheduled to begin July 22nd. Lynch ran a licensed marijuana dispensary in Morro Bay, CA, perfectly legal under that state’s medical marijuana law. He was arrested last year on Federal drug charges and faces – get this – 100 years in prison. Why? Because he dispensed medical marijuana to a 17 year old, with his parents’ permission (they went with him to get it, again as required by California law) for treating the symptoms of his bone cancer.

Brayton blames this insanity on Justices Scalia, Ginsburg, Breyer, Souter, Kennedy and Stevens for as they “voted with the majority in Raich and upheld the primacy of the federal Controlled Substances Act over state medical marijuana laws. These are the justices who perversely decided that a constitutional provision giving congress the authority to regulate interstate commerce also gives them the power to regulate an activity that is neither interstate nor commerce.” He also blames the Bush administration “which has zealously enforced the CSA against those following their own state law.”

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