Nuclear Disarmament

Conservative blogs such as Little Green Footballs are attacking Obama saying, “Barack Obama has a plan to get rid of all the nuclear weapons in the world,” referring to this article.

Nuclear disarmament sure sounds radical. One such radical who previously occupied the White House and sounded like this was Ronald Reagan, as even John McCain realizes. We are seeing sime similarities between Obama and Ronald Reagan on foreign policy–yet again. Sure, it might never be accomplished, but it is a worthwhile goal. On this issue I’ll take the side against the conservative bloggers, along with Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, and John McCain. George Bush is also on the other side, but it might have something to do with his difficulties in saying the word.

(I primarily like showing such comparisions between Obama and Reagan in the hopes it causes the heads of a few conservatives to explode. If it also causes the heads of some Clintonistas to explode, that’s fine too.)

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