Military Officers Association of America: Congress Playing Chicken With Military Family’s Health Care

The New York Times has an story on the battle over physician reimbursement under Medicare, which will be a big issue when Congress returns after the Republicans blocked a measure to resolve the issue before Congress went on recess. The story pretty much repeats material I have discussed here and here.

There is one new piece of information of interest. Previous stories noted that physicians, the AARP, pharmacists, and many medical organizations were in favor of the Democratic bill. The insurance industry is on the other side as the bill would take away the tremendous subsidies they receive to care for Medicare patients. Despite Republican beliefs that the market is always more efficient than government, they pay insurance companies about 13% more than it costs to care for patients under the government program–with most of this money going to increase insurance company profits.

Today’s story reports another group which is backing the Democratic bill. The Military Officers Association of America is also weighing in as Medicare fees schedules are used by Tricare, which covers relatives of active-duty military personnel, military retirees and their dependents. The group told members in a bulletin that Congress is “playing chicken with your health care.”

The A.M.A continues to target Republican Senators who were responsible for blocking the bill which will hopefully put an end to the traditional Republican support from physicians despite supporting policies which have often failed to be in the interests of either health care or of physicians.

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