Television Viewers Aging

Television advertisers generally seek a young audience, and at times television networks have even canceled shows which have decent ratings if the viewership is older than they desire. They might have to rethink their long term plans. Variety reports that the median age for watching live television is 50. If DVR’s are included, this only drops the age by one year.

Most likely this is largely because younger viewers are no less tied to the networks when they watch television, and they use other media more often. This would include watching television shows on line as opposed to on television.

I wonder if this will force the networks to reconsider who their shows are aimed at. Will they continue to go after the young audience, which is paying less attention but who the advertisers want, or will they concentrate more on the types of people who are actually more likely to watch a network show?

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    b-psycho says:

    I’ve found that TV usually functions more as background noise in my own case.  Unless it involves sports (basketball, football, cage fights) or Jon Stewart, the tube being on rarely ever means it’s being watched.
    Eh, the advertizers should take solace in the fact that I’m too broke to buy their crap most of the time.

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