Bad Girls Dominate Showtime on Mondays as Billy Piper Returns to US Television

We’ve been getting brief glimpses of Billy Piper as Rose on Doctor Who this season. The episode shown on the BBC this weekend had a very brief glimpse of her, but the previews show even more. Besides playing a part in the conclusion of this season of Doctor Who, we will be seeing even more of Billy Piper on Showtime. She stars in Secret Diary of a Call Girl. A video introducing her character on the show is below:


Monday must be bad girl night on Showtime. Secret Diary of a Call Girl airs after Weeds, which returns tonight. Mary Louise Parker stars on Weeds as a woman who started selling drugs to survive after her husband died. After burning down her house and neighborhood, she moves to new surroundings and becomes an even bigger drug dealer. A video promoting the show follows:


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