A Libertarian View of Obama on The Value of Markets

Some libertarians have a knee jerk opposition to Obama because of he is a liberal Democrat, with much of the libertarian echo chamber repeatedly equating liberal Democrat with socialist regardless of how absurd this is. I’ve quoted many statements from more open minded libertarians who understand the more libertarian traits of Obama compared to most mainstream politicians of either party. Libertarian Megan McArdle and liberal Matthew Yglesias discussed the choices of Obama and McCain for The Los Angeles Times. While I try not to be biased by my lowered opinion of Yglesias over the past several days due to an atrocious blog post on Saturday, I believe McArgle made the most significant point of this exchange:

Obama is the right man for his party, and McCain is the wrong one. Obama is not only personally inspiring, but he also seems to have a deep understanding of the value of markets and transparency; he aims to fix outcomes, not tinker with the process. McCain, on the other hand, shows little respect for spontaneous free order or suspicion of expanded state power; he seems to think that the main problem with the government is that the wrong people are pulling the strings.

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