How To Dress Like a Nerd

Over the past week my wife decided she wanted to watch Big Bang Theory again. The entire first season. I must say the show holds up very well in the second viewing, and was just as funny even though we knew how each episode played out. Of course my wife finds it even more amusing when I know what they are talking about and nobody else does when they talk about topics such as computers, comics, and science fiction. Our daughter also joined us to watch several episodes. She found the show entertaining but, being a teen aged girl, couldn’t help asking (in a shocked tone of voice), “Where do they get those clothes?”

The geek-ware used on the show is amazing, and hard to find. It turns out that there is a web site which does link to places which does sell their clothes, appropriately named

Now if I could just find a source for the time machine from movie based upon the H.G. Wells classic novel, which one of the episodes was written about. (Preferably one that works.)

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