And How Did John McCain Score On A Mini Mental Status Exam?


We’ve seen reports about John McCain’s medical exam, but I sure wonder if he has ever had a mini mental status exam administered. It is a quick and easy test which serves as a general screen of whether there are cognitive problems requiring more sophisticated follow up.

It is common to make gaffes when candidates campaign non-stop, with the camera always on them. Even Barack Obama made a rather big one when he mentioned campaigning in fifty-seven states. I won’t try the Bill Frist act of trying to actually diagnose someone based upon video clips, but the number of gaffes coming from John McCain is at least enough to raise concern and suggest that actual testing might be needed.

McCain has made numerous gaffes with regards to Iraq and foreign policy. The average person might be expected to get the facts wrong, but this is supposedly McCain’s strong suit. I’d sure hate to see him discuss a topic he is weak on (such as the economy). In the video above, McCain says that Putin is the president of Germany. (Or maybe McCain is warning us about Putin’s ambitions for expansion.) Today McCain was also found to be in error when he claimed that he did not include a line in the delivery of his speech last night. The video shows otherwise. As John Cole said, “He is either lying, or he does not remember what he said.”

By the way, anyone remember this old letter from John McCain to Barack Obama? It sure does look a little weird.

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