Just Say No

It is unfortunate that there will not be a new episode of Saturday Night Live on this week (something I haven’t felt since the original cast left) and that Jon Stewart won’t be on until Monday. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton met Thursday evening. There’s no word on what they really talked about, only increasing the comic potential coming out of that meeting. Most likely it was the opposite of the norm with the woman begging and the man saying no.

No matter how tempting, Obama must say no. He must not be misled by what people are saying at the moment. How many Clinton supporters are really going to allow the guy who wants to bring back clothes hanger abortions to this country to win? That is just temporary insanity which they will get over by November. The Clintonistas are socially conservative in a lot of areas, but not on abortion.

On the other hand, to quite a few new Democratic voters, including those who gave Democrats their Congressional victory in 2006 and those who are now joining the party to support Obama, Hillary Clinton represents what is rotten in Washington almost as much as George Bush does. That is a fact which will not change.

Meanwhile Geraldine Ferraro is arguing that Barack Obama should pay off Hillary’s debt. I guess someone has to pay for all those dishonest mailers and robocalls aimed at Obama. Why not just send the tab to the target?

Update: To clarify for Michael, I expect Obama to help pay off Clinton’s debts. That doesn’t mean I won’t include a bit of snark, such as in pointing out that some of the debt was incurred by Clinton’s use of smear tactics directed at Obama. He will also make a show of considering Clinton as VP but is very unlikely to pick her for reasons I’ve discussed in detail in previous posts.  Of course he will allow her to make it look like it was her decision.

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