Obama Leaves Trinity Church


I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again. Arnold Vinick, the fictitious Republican candidate for president on The West Wing, had the right idea in keeping talk of religion out of politics, as seen in the video above.

I understand why Obama has felt the need to bring his religion into politics. This has been done both to counter the smear campaign from the right wing claiming he is a Muslim, as well as to try to counter the Republican advantage with religious voters. While well intended, highlighting his religion has backfired against Obama. This drama, largely flamed by both conservatives and Clinton supporters (which is being redundant) will hopefully come to an end now that Obama has left the Trinity United Church of Christ.

Some of the conservative and pro-Hillary blogs (again I’m being redundant) are responding to this news by repeating their nonsense attacks on Obama. This is not unexpected but hopefully the average voter will understand that what matters is the views of Obama, not those of the church he attended. Having disassociated himself from such views, and now the entire church, should make these attacks sound even more absurd and desperate.

We have seen during the primary campaign that when Clinton launched her smear campaign against Obama many voters responded by backing Obama in protest over the use of such tactics. Hopefully there will continue to be such backlash against those who resort to smears over Obama’s former church while avoiding honest discussion of the real issues.

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