Remembering Mike Gravel

Mike Gravel has the dubious honor of having failed to win the nomination of not one but two political parties this year. After he failed to win the Democratic nomination he also ran for the Libertarian Party nomination. Some, including many Libertarian Party members and candidates, did find it strange that a non-libertarian was running for the nomination but Gravel was hardly the only non-libertarian to compete. While Gravel failed, another non-libertarian, Bob Barr, did manage to win the nomination.

It was difficult to take Gravel seriously as a candidate this year but before totally laughing him off it is worth remembering that in the past he was a Senator of some significance. The Caucus gives a quick run down of some highlights in his career:

Mr. Gravel, 78, spent 12 years in the United States Senate from Alaska, pursuing even then an anti-war agenda and railing against the military industrial complex. His tenure was marked by dramatic procedural actions criticizing the Vietnam War, but his claim to fame came when he tried to release the Pentagon Papers by reading them on the Senate floor. He also waged a one-man filibuster that ultimately led to a compromise to let the draft expire in 1973.

The Democrats could have done worse than to nominate Mike Gravel. Considering how close Hillary Clinton came to winning, in fact they almost did do worse.

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