Grand Rapids, Endorsements, and Conspiracy Theories


When I recently found that Barack Obama was going to be having a rally nearby in Grand Rapids I thought it was of some significance that he felt it was not longer necessary to devote his time to the areas with upcoming primaries. I had no idea how big it would be. I already noted how Obama’s doing quite well despite the loss in West Virginia, but Obama managed to really draw attention away from the loss by having John Edwards join him and give his endorsement (video above). I certainly wonder if this endorsement was previously offered and held back until now to help prevent any loss of momentum following the West Virginia primary. We’ve found this year that endorsements do not help very much with regard to votes, but they certainly do help with the media coverage.

Although the race for all practical purposes is over, Hillary Clinton continues to campaign, as she is entitled to do. There is certainly no rule that someone must place the good of their party or country over their personal ego. The Republicans have a similar situation in which someone with no chance to win continues to campaign against their presumptive nominee.

This afternoon I happened to be driving to Grand Rapids (to pick up a car for my daughter who will be turning sixteen in a few weeks, alas not to attend the Obama rally), and listened to an interview with Ron Paul on Talk of the Nation. (Listening to NPR is one of those things us “elitist” Obama supporters do as we like to be informed in choosing candidates as opposed to choosing based upon their gender and their empty promises which rely upon flawed economic thought).

At times Paul sounded great as he attacked McCain on the war and repeated his previous comments expressing a preference for Obama’s foreign policy views. Then someone asked Paul a question which got him going about his imaginary threats to our imaginary sovereignty providing a reminder of the conspiracy theories which dominate his thought. While he sounds like he knows what he is talking about when limited to certain topics such as Iraq, the interview showed once again that he is out of touch with reality.

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