Clinton Scores Late Touchdown But Obama Extends Lead

The media coverage of the West Virginia shares my sentiments in describing it as Hillary’s Last Hurrah. Clinton’s victory in Appalachia is being treated like a late touchdown against the second team when the outcome is no longer in doubt. Dana Milbank calls Clinton an ex-candidate and compares her to a dead parrot.

Besides winning the media spin war last night. Obama continues to pick up superdelegates who are not fooled by Clinton’s arguments that she is more electable. Not only does Obama poll better than Clinton against McCain, and do better in many swing states, but Obama also polls equal to Clinton with white working class voters in a general election match up. Today Obama has picked up Indiana Rep. Pete Visclosky, College Democrats VP Awais Khaleel, and Democrats Abroad Chair Christine Schon Marques.

For Clinton, winning in West Virginia has turned out to be even less significant than scoring a late touchdown. It is as if she was intercepted on the attempted two point conversion with team Obama running the ball back to score, and then team Obama taking in the failed on-side kick for yet another touchdown. Obama remains well on the way to mathematically clinching the nomination on May 20. Clinton’s only remaining strategy is to keep trying to move the goal posts, but the referees from the DNC and the superdelegates are not buying it.

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    Sabrina Evans says:

    Thank you, for acknowledging Obama’s touchdowns.  You I am so sick and tired of the Clinton campaign’s trying to use race as a factor.  Help me somebody!  If they would stop talking so much and look at what’s really going on maybe, just maybe something would hit em’ upside the head!  However, all of her campaign folks are in a great state of denial period!  Get over it!  We have an intelligent man GO OBAMA!  That’s about to clinch the Nomination in a minute.  THANKS TO ALL THE OBAMA SUPPORTERS AND THOSE WHO WERE NOT BUT YET REALIZES THE REALITY.  GO OBAMA! GO……..

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